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Macro-dose Psilocybe Mushroom Entheogenic Journeys

Defining "how much":

There is no one-amount fits all for any entheogen. Entheogen refers to contributing to a mystic experience (connection to the Divine within and/or without), which many associate with larger doses of entheogens such as Ayahuasca‎, peyote, psilocybe mushrooms, and LSD (to only name a few). A person may connect in a mystical manner using small (often called micro), medium (sometimes referred to as recreational or communal), or large (also known as macro or hero) doses.

We work with heavy doses of a variety of entheogens: cannabis, psilocybe mushrooms, and 5-meo-dmt tend to be the spirits we have been guiding with lately, but we also appreciate LSD and our friends in the cactus family (again, to name a few). While each person is different (and mushroom varieties are also different), micro-dosing dried psilocybe mushrooms is in the range of .05-.5 grams, a communal/recreational dose is usually +/- 1.5 grams, and many describe a macro-dose as over 3 grams. In our experience, 5 grams (depending on the potency of the mushroom variety) is a more appropriate starting macro-dose for those seeking depth-work with an entheogen.

We work with each individual to understand previous experience, current needs, and feelings regarding the nature of the desired journey to choose an amount everyone is comfortable with.

Our minimum standard of compassionate care for psilocybe mushroom macro journeys:

Our sessions include a guided somatic self-inquiry meditation 3-5 days prior to the journey (this can be done over-the-phone), whole-person preparation guidance for the journey, the journey itself, and aftercare that includes three follow-up sessions (these range from simple check-ins, in-person nature-based grounding and/or additional self-inquiry meditations, and phone call sessions as check-ins and/or additional self-inquiry meditations).

The amount of time for the journey session is contingent on which entheogen(s) are served, and that is confirmed, together with you, after the initial self-inquiry session. We can provide wisdom around the options as it relates to your needs and feelings. Generally, with macro psilocybe mushroom sessions, the journey from ingestion of the medicine to re-acclimating back to our more-shared reality is 4 hours. We usually take 1-2 hours before and 1-2 hours after to co-regulate and re-regulate the nervous system.

Transportation cost for the journey are not included. As an example (for our friends visiting us from Sayulita) bus fare from Sayulita is 80 pesos round-trip for two people (we will escort you back to Sayulita post-session). Taxi is about $600 pesos round-trip - if you prefer.

A little more about the session:

We spend 20 minutes, or so, acclimating to our beautiful jungle space, take part in an energetic cleansing ritual of a spiritual cleansing bath and smudging, and settle into the session space with a setting of intentions and light breath-work. Our mushroom sessions include helping fruits and herbs of grapefruit, cappi, and cannabis. This allows a faster and more potent onset of the experience with the mushrooms. The journey lasts about four hours, and we support you physically/mentally/emotionally/spiritually throughout. We use digital music we have arranged to support the journey. As the journey comes to and end, we provide food and drink and ample time to acclimate. We will escort you via bus or taxi back to your place in Sayulita.

For those on a condensed timeline, we can do the initial exploratory self-inquiry meditation over-the-phone. We suggest the day after the session to be a rest/digest/self-care/chill/nature kind-of-day. We are able to meet (or welcome a return visit to us) 2-3 days after the session for a self-inquiry meditation integration session. We can follow-up with the remaining two sessions over-the-phone (usually 2 weeks after and another 4 weeks after...or so).

The general nature of a psilocybe mushroom macro journey, and shared sessions vs. solo:

Within shared sessions, each person's experience influences the other's to some degree, and a corded energy is created that lasts after the experience. This is in no way a suggestion to sit with mushrooms separately. A shared experience is wonderfully powerful. We just want to touch on the energetics of a shared session.

Macro journeys with mushrooms usually have a significant expansion of both outward connection to Earth/Universe/layers of reality/Spirit and inner connection to physical/mental/emotional/Spirit. We find the general Spirit of mushrooms to be motherly. Often, macro doses of mushrooms provide the compassion and unconditional love of Mother Spirit as well as the firm guiding hand that a healed mother knows how to wield for any path-correction a child needs. There tends to be a cycling during a entheogenic mushroom experience between this light and shadow. It is good, hard work.

If any person in the shared experience becomes stuck in a difficult shadow loop, that energy can affect all. As guides, we are attune to the energy/Spirit of those we are holding space for (as well as the energetics/Spirits/animist presence that is attracted in the expansion), and part of what we do is help if a person is staying longer in a shadow loop than necessary. This may happen if a person is struggling to come back to the compassionate truth held within and without. This is the wonderful healing potential of a mushroom journey. Experiencing Self and Other in this expanded manner impacts the energetics of the space, thus all in the "circle" can be influenced by one another. This is no different than the energetics of our "resting reality," but the heightened awareness we experience in expansion also makes us hyper sensitive to others in the space. It is possible for a person to perceive certain things in the light that are very affirming, but also perceive things during the shadow-loop process that are not affirming. Sometimes, those perceptions are the lesson and sometimes those perceptions are showing where the shadow needs to be honored with compassion and unconditional love. So, sitting with others can be either very affirming, or potentially show real need for correction within the relationship and/or real need of shadow aspects of self that need to be reconciled with a more compassionate truth.

This is why we usually work with individuals or people in partnership. It is one of the reasons we are critical of the current large group mushroom session model. If persons have a solid friendship, are in a generally good place, and have a healthy degree of emotional intelligence - a joint session can be very affirming and continue to cultivate bonds of friendship. Bonds of friendship are beautiful relationships we should cultivate.

Our personal ability to come to the space "clean" and interface with all aspects described above with experience and discernment at the macro-dose (entheogenic) level (combined with our dedication to pre-work preparation and post experience support and integration) perhaps is one of our unique offerings.

Preparation for an entheogenic psilocybe mushroom journey:

Preparation for an entheogenic psilocybe mushroom journey can be basic, moderate, or advanced.

At the basic level: you will want to refrain from processed foods beginning at least three days prior to the journey, eat a standard breakfast/moderate lunch/light dinner and hydrate well the day before the journey. Any meat intake should be "clean (organic+) and lean." If you abstain from meat, be sure to consume plenty of plant-based proteins. Abstain from alcohol and substances, other than cannabis, at least beginning the day before. The morning of the journey - water, tea, light/moderate coffee, smoothie, or any other light-liquid breakfast is ok.

At least beginning three days before, try to reduce/limit your exposure to outside chemicals/toxins/energy and monitor what you watch via screens. Healthy sex is ok, but refrain from sex at least beginning three days prior if your current sexual habits are not fully resonant with you. *If you are on any pharmaceuticals, take them as prescribed. Please let us know what they are, so we can account for how they may limit the effectiveness of the mushrooms.*

If you have access to a bathtub, we recommend daily morning Epsom salt baths beginning at least three days prior. If you do not have a bathtub, morning showers lightly scrubbing toe-to-head-to-arms with a natural washcloth or sponge is an alternative. Try to use reduced/chemical free bath and beauty products.

Though this is a list of what "not" to do, we prefer the mindset and embodiment of what "to" do. The guidance for a moderate or advanced preparation allows more time and guidance from an additive/abundant perspective vs. one of elimination/restriction. A moderate preparation begins 2-4 weeks in advance and the advanced preparation begins three-twelve months in advance. We find those that continue to work with mushrooms step naturally into the moderate and then advanced preparations as they continue to sit with macro-doses on their broader journey.

What to bring the day of:

Comfort is the biggest thing to consider. Wear/bring things you know you are comfortable in. Please wear, or bring, layered clothes. It is cooler in the upper mountains/hills where we live and there are a few more mosquitoes, so light fabric pants and long-sleeved shirt are good. However, if it is the hotter season (late May through mid October), shorts and t-shirt are also good. Please have a complete change of clothes with you.

We will ask you to take a spiritual cleansing shower (please take a regular hygiene bath/shower the morning before you arrive), but we will provide clean towels.

We will provide beverage and food. We try to offer a light variety to meet various craving/satiation needs. Please bring anything to drink if you have a specific go-to...same with snacks.

We prefer natural bug deterrents/sprays/lotions if needed.

We set up a Spiritual/Animist altar in the space. If you have any items you would like at the altar, please bring them.

You will be visiting our home, so (though we live off-grid and minimally), we should have you covered with anything you need that you may forget!

We look forward to connecting with you on your path!

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