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I love you, and you're beautiful!

In my personal story, as with many of the patients/clients I work with, I held a belief that my body hated me. It hated me for the extreme sports, bad diet, twenty-something drinking and smoking, ignoring it… Many that believe their bodies hate them begin to hate their bodies back. As we see in something like - I don’t know...politics - once there is a belief that two entities equally disdain one another, things go South pretty quickly and fixing the problem becomes a convoluted mess.

Through plant medicine (both potent healers and everyday nutrition), movement, and spiritual practice I discovered this was a serious misunderstanding. And, in fact, our bodies love us more than anyone, or anything! Similar success stories with patients/clients have solidified my belief in this truth.

The body can not communicate with language; rather, it communicates with feelings - both physical and emotional. Perceived negative messaging from the body is not out of spite or hatred, but out of love. As castles safeguarding our soul, our bodies want to be well in order to create a thriving environment for our souls to express their unique offerings to the World. Our bodies are dedicated to protecting our soul and relentless in communicating the need to be well in order for our souls to have the optimum environment to create perpetuating love. Pain messaging from the body isn’t saying, “I hate you!” It is saying, “I love you! Watch out! Be careful! Something(s) is not right due to our internal and/or external environment. In order for us to be the best we can be for as long as possible, we need something(s) to change!”

Our bodies’ sole purpose is to maintain a healthy environment to support our souls’ purpose of perpetuating love via unique creative potential. A healthy environment is internally physically, mentally, and emotionally safe and free from toxicity. A healthy body seeks to border other healthy bodies, but (if bordering a dangerous and toxic environment) a healthy body develops safeguards against the danger and toxicity. Additionally, it has the ability to process dangerous and toxic circumstances in order to not hang on to the residual “garbage” it is exposed to. Anytime we experience danger and toxicity, our bodies yell out, “Danger!” This goes for all kinds of danger and toxicity related to all of our senses: what we see, breath, eat, are physically exposed to, and listen to (including, and especially, our own thoughts!).

Our bodies exist to protect our souls in order to keep them whole and thriving in their creative pursuit to uniquely express divine love.

When our body experiences danger and toxicity that goes unprocessed, the body becomes traumatized - like battle scars. Trauma can be experienced physically or mentally, and includes denial of innate emotions and repudiation of the soul’s unique expression (who we are void of conditioning [present existence and generationally]). Macro and micro trauma, immediately or overtime, disrupt our bodies’ abilities to fend for the soul. But, like fortifying a castle (through ending exposure to danger and toxicity, detoxification, strengthening boundaries against exposure, and nourishing supplementation), our bodies have the ability to heal and thrive again.

Unfortunately, allopathic healthcare’s focus is on quieting the body’s communication, not understanding the communication and eradicating the toxicity related to the alarm. Our bodies’ love for us is so strong that it will keep fighting for us to correct the internal and external environment through different physical and emotional means of communication. If symptoms are simply suppressed, and the root cause of imbalance is not addressed, our bodies will keep fighting to create a healthy environment for our soul. It is up to us to listen, understand the messaging, heal root cause dangers, and make changes to re-fortify our castle for ongoing health and wellness.

If you find yourself believing that your body hates you, or you hate your body, consider reaching out to me. I’m happy to help you with mind-body couples counseling including plant medicine healing, nutritional changes, movement plans, and spiritual exploration.

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