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Excellent for those with (C)PTSD, chronic mental/emotional/physical concerns, &/or substance abuse.

  • 1 h
  • 50 US dollars
  • TBD based on client preference

Service Description

Unprocessed macro or micro trauma is stored in our body. Pain, or the opposite - a loss of sensation, may be a result of unprocessed trauma. Consistent negative emotions that can't be shaken are another indication of unprocessed trauma. Repetitive negative thoughts are yet another. And, habits that either harm oneself, or others, but can't be curbed are also indication of unprocessed trauma. There are many tools to process trauma, but if the tool is not going beyond knowing to address releasing it from and through the body - the trauma will continue to cause disruption in your life. Mary Shutan's Body Deva self-inquiry meditation process is an exceptional tool for processing trauma. Entheogenic journeying is another good tool, but without adequate intention setting, proper set and setting , and integration follow-up - psychedelic assisted therapy can lead to a great deal of bypassing. Bypassing leads to moving the problem from one symptom to another instead of fully releasing the trauma from the body. The TRAUMA PROCESSING service is a three-part service. The first appointment is to understand the concern and choose an appropriate processing tool (one hour $50). The second appointment is the trauma processing session (time and cost varies depending on which tool is chosen). And, the third appointment is an integration follow-up for aftercare (two hours $100).

Contact Details

+52 322 100 9913

Sayulita | Pueblo Mágico of the whole Riviera Nayarit

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