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Micro Combo FIVE

Micro Combo FIVE

Micro Combo FIVE has been formulated as a duo-microdose: capsule and drops. Though the capsule and drops can be taken separately, the full magic is in the synergistic balance created from the combination. The combination includes: 150mgs of THC via full extract cannabis oil, 150mgs of CBD via full spectrum hemp oil, and 15mgs of 5-meo-dmt in a carrier oil of organic sunflower seed oil for a total of 5ml of DROPS. And, 1.7g psilocybin-containing mushrooms with 6.8g of passion flower in 34 CAPSULES (2 bottles each containing 17 capsules).


    Dosing: 1 capsule + 3 individual droplets is the recommended starting dose - once a day. Two-day-on/one-day off, or a three-day-on/two day off, are two common initial dosing schedules. 

    Considerations: enhanced and diminished effects can be a result of consuming other foods, herbs, supplements, and drugs in combination with this microdose combination. 


    We prefer to replace rather than refund, but your happiness is our priority. Please contact us if you are not satisfied with your order.


    We are currently shipping from Mexico. Orders to the United States are taking 14-21 days to arrive. We are working on shipping from within the United States to our United States customers. Please be patient while we find a solution. We encourage you to order two units at a time and reorder when you have finished the first. That way you will be less likely to run low.

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