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240ml - 5,000mg CBD full spectrum hemp oil also contain organic sunflower seed oil and organic steam-distilled plant-derived terpenes. Our Bulk oil is formulated using a balanced terpene formulation.


    1 tbls = 300 mgs

    A standard batch of cookies yields 60 cookies, so adding 1 tbls of Bulk oil would result in 5 mg cookies. 16 batches of cookies per bottle of Bulk oil.

    1 tsp = 100 mgs

    Adding 1 tsp of Bulk oil to the total oil used for one massage would create a relaxing, healing, and felt experience. 48 massages per bottle of Bulk oil.

    CBD drops (generally) onset at 20 minutes, peak at 3-4 hours, and have a duration of 8 hours. Take as-needed, once daily, or up-to every 6 hours. Dose 2 hours before or after prescriptions.

    Topically applied CBD onsets at about 5 minutes and lasts about 2 hours. Apply as needed.

    Lighter doses of CBD (5-10mgs) are energizing and mood-lifting. Heavier doses (30+mgs) are calming, focusing, and can assist with drowsiness. For some, the lower-dose energizing effect can feel like one too many cups of coffee. If that is the case, either increase the dosage by 3-4 times (20-40mgs), or microdose at .5-2mgs. If drowsiness (usually felt around hour 2-3) is not an intended effect, decrease the dosage.

    Topically applied CBD is anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and warming.


    We prefer to replace rather than refund, but your happiness is our priority. Please contact us if you are not satisfied with your order.


    We are currently shipping from Mexico. Orders to the United States are taking 14-21 days to arrive. We are working on shipping from within the United States to our United States customers. Please be patient while we find a solution. We encourage you to order two units at a time and reorder when you have finished the first. That way you will be less likely to run low.

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