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Embark on a Journey of Holistic Healing with Mary Shutan's Body Deva Method

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Are you seeking a transformative path to healing that addresses the interconnected aspects of your being? Look no further than the Body Deva philosophy and method developed by Mary Shutan, a comprehensive approach to body-led healing that empowers individuals to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Understanding the Body Deva Method

At the heart of the Body Deva philosophy and method is the belief that true healing encompasses physical, mental-emotional, energetic, and spiritual dimensions that can be accessed through the body. This method provides a holistic framework that integrates various aspects of healing, guiding individuals toward a state of balance and empowerment. Whether you're struggling with emotional imbalances, seeking to release trauma, or desiring spiritual growth, the Body Deva method offers a safe and empowering space for your journey.

Key Principles and Practices

The core principles of the Body Deva method form the foundation for this transformative journey:

  1. Self-Inquiry: Uncover Inner Truths Self-inquiry serves as a powerful tool to navigate the layers of your being. By asking honest and introspective questions, you can explore your emotions, beliefs, and experiences with compassion, leading to understanding and acceptance.

  2. Anchoring into the Body and Feelings: Embrace Embodiment Grounding yourself in your body and connecting with your emotions is pivotal in the Body Deva approach. This connection offers profound insights into your emotional states and experiences, guiding you towards self-awareness.

  3. Compassion and Acceptance: Embrace All Aspects of Self Compassion is at the heart of this method. All emotions and imbalances within you deserve to be acknowledged without judgment. By accepting your emotional experiences, a safe space for healing is created.

  4. Multilayered Healing: Address Complex Concerns The method addresses various levels of healing, including inner child work, ancestral healing, and past-life healing. Exploring these interconnected aspects helps you tackle complex concerns and experience profound transformation.

  5. Somatic Emotional Healing: Harness Emotional Intelligence The somatic approach of the method allows you to work with emotions through your body. This fosters compassion and deep self-understanding, even when facing challenging emotions.

  6. In Utero, Central Myth, and Archetypal Healing: Transformative Exploration Delve into your in utero experiences, examine central myths, and explore archetypal figures that shape your inner reality. This exploration enhances your understanding and facilitates healing.

Experience the Method with a Certified Practitioner

As a certified practitioner of the Mary Shutan Body Deva method, I offer a unique set of practices designed to help you connect with your body's wisdom. Through our sessions, we will release stagnant energy, confront unresolved emotions and traumas, uncover stories that no longer serve you, and identify compassionate truths residing in your heart.

Our sessions go beyond the present physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state. We delve into underlying patterns from your childhood, while also acknowledging the potential influence of past-life, ancestral, and cultural energies. This comprehensive approach ensures that your healing journey is both thorough and transformative.

Empower Your Healing Journey

Experience the power of body-led self-inquiry meditation – an active form of meditation that uses your body as a litmus test for truth. By connecting with your body, you can anchor shifts in habits in an undeniable way, paving the path for incremental positive change.

Are you ready to embrace a new perspective on healing and self-discovery? Reach out for a session and start your journey with the Body Deva method. Together, we will navigate life's challenges, foster transformation, and empower you to lead a life filled with resilience and empowerment.

Embark on this journey of holistic healing today. Your body, mind, and spirit deserve nothing less.

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